Quality - Competence - Integrity

Quality criteria and standards

EUYT is committed to the highest quality standards in terms of yoga and yoga therapy. The Union promotes and ensures compliance with professional and ethical standards for its members.


The integrity of the tutors, teachers and the therapists, is based on comprehensive education and regular professional further training in yoga and yoga therapy. This is a prerequisite for an adequate work in these areas. Another requirement is the practical application of relevant methods and techniques for this day and age - with respect and appreciation for the great traditions of Yoga and its authentic expression.


EUYT sets standards for the education of yoga teachers and for the training of yoga therapists. In this extensive expertise, social, educational and therapeutic skills and personal integrity are equally important.


Membership in EUYT is a reliable quality feature. The members have a pool of highly qualified colleagues for professional exchange and encounter. Persons, institutions and companies who are looking for a qualified and holistic yoga teacher or yoga therapist, may find these through EUYT.

» Standards for recognized by EUYT yoga apprenticeships

» Standards for courses in yoga therapy



Standards for Yoga Teacher Educations recognized by EUYT

  • Minimum age: 25 years
  • completed school education and a completed or ongoing vocational training
  • personal yoga experience over three years under the guidance of an educated yoga teacher


Qualification through Practice and Implementation

In-class hours min. 980 over 4 years plus examination period (total of min. 4.5 years) plus self-study: self-preparation and review, personal exercise practice and inner reflection, tuition protocols, papers and presentations, and the art of implementation and evaluation of group lessons, study group meetings, preparation time for examination.




  • min. 12 individual sessions with an educated yoga teacher or yoga therapist of the training team
  • min. 9 demonstration lessons of 45 minutes covering different teaching content, with supervision
  • personal thesis (min. 60 pages)


The subjects will include
  • Medical Basics
  • Hatha yoga: Asana, Kriya, Mudra and Bandha, Pranayama, subtle Anatomy
  • Yoga philosophy: Patanjali, Hatha Yoga scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Darsanas, Samkhya, Tantra
  • Raja Yoga: Holistic understanding of yoga-psychology and spiritual development processes
  • Western philosophy and ethics: world religions, western philosophy
  • Sanskrit
  • Western psychology: introduction, basic concepts and practical application
  • Yoga-meditation: Basic Techniques and Practices
  • Karma Yoga / Seva: Practical application and integration into everyday life
  • Instructional design: methodology, didactics, including demonstration lessons and supervision
  • Professional ethics: Teacher personality, role of yoga teacher, professional ethics
  • Final exam (written, oral and practical examination)

Standards for programs in Yoga Therapy

The EUYT standards for studies in yoga therapy provide a multi level structure. The individual sections can be assigned consecutively or at a time interval. Each sequence is to have a self-contained curriculum allowing the immediate implementation of the learning material based on the personal experience of the student, so that practical application to everyday teaching or personal practice is being promoted.

  • Successful completion of a yoga teacher training (Contact Hours min. 800)
  • Perennial teaching as yoga teacher
  • basic knowledge in anatomy / physiology
Scope and course of study
  • In-class hours: min. 850
  • Total study time: min. 4 years, extra-occupational



Self-study should include the following aspects: Personal exercise practice and inner reflection, independent preparation and review, elaborations on specific yoga themes, implementation and evaluation of therapeutically oriented group classes and individual sessions, preparation time for examination.


Personal experience with yoga therapy

min. 10 individual sessions with a certified yoga therapist



The final examination should include written, oral and practical parts.


Postgraduate training for yoga therapists

Continuous personal practice, further education and supervision are a prerequisite for working with yoga therapy.
All members of EUYT commit to deepen their knowledge in Yoga / Yoga therapy continuously by further education at the European College for Yoga and Therapy ECYT (min. 44 Hours per year)


Last Update March 2024